As we head back to shore, a humpback whale comes up for air near the boat and shows its beautiful tail fluke.
— Florian Schulz

Humpback whale, gulf of California, Baja California sur, mexico

Humpback whales gather in the waters in and around Cabo Pulmo during the winter months. The area is their nursery as well. Pregnant females give birth to their calves and nurse them for several months until they are strong enough to follow their mothers north on the annual journey to the nutrient-rich waters of Alaska.

MX09-01774 FP110.jpg

A reef in cabo pulmo National Marine Park

Only two decades ago the spectacular Cabo Pulmo was completely overfished. The Cabo Pulmo village community rallied, and the Mexican government designated the offshore waters of this pristine spot a marine reserve in 1995.

I make it to the point and sit down to await the sunrise. All is quiet except for the water softly lapping at the shore.
— Florian Schulz

Bigeye jacks in Cabo Pulmo National Marine Park, Baja California Sur, Mexico

I drop into the water for a dive. As I sink, the current carries me over the reef. I enter a world beyond imagination. The flourishing centuries-old coral garden teems with life.
— Florian Schulz

Sea lion near Isla Espiritu santo, Baja California sur, mexico