The Arctic landscape generally is wilderness with little human development because of the harsh climatic conditions. The wildlands are still endless enough to support several enormous caribou herds.
— Florian Schulz
I have returned again and again to the Arctic, looking for caribou...Finally, at the bank of the Katakturuk River I have found them: thousands of individuals of the Porcupine herd surround me.
— Florian Schulz

Canning River Delta

Members of the Central Arctic caribou herd congregate at the edge of the Arctic Ocean where the cold breeze gives them relief from the mosquitos, Canning River Delta, Alaskan Arctic.


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Brown bears

Brown bears feed on a whale carcass on Unimak Island, Aleutian Islands, Alaska

Polar Bears on the move

As the ice in the Beaufort Sea retreats, polar bears follow the ice's edge to hunt for food, jumping from ice sheet to ice sheet when they can. Once the ice is completely gone, bears often need to swim enormous distances to land.