The dynamic team behind The Wild Edge

For the past 15 years, documenting wild ecosystems in support of conservation campaigns has been the commitment of Visions of the Wild. Working closely with dedicated organizations, researchers, writers and advocates is how Florian and Emil have built a strong foundation for their conservation photography work. For more information, please visit

Florian Schulz


Florian Schulz is an internationally acclaimed nature photographer dedicated to capturing inspiring images of the natural world.

A native of Germany, Schulz spends many months at a time in the wild, working on long-term photography projects that portray entire ecosystems. Through his Freedom to Roam campaign, Schulz focuses on promoting vast wildlife corridors. His photographs have appeared in international publications, such as National Geographic, BBC Wildlife, and GEO, among many others. Two of his books have won the Independent Publisher Book Awards as outstanding publications: Yellowstone to Yukon: Freedom to Roam and To The Arctic, the companion book to the MacGillivray Freeman/ Warner Brothers IMAX film of the same name.

Schulz is a sought-after speaker, delivering memorable and inspiring presentations about his adventures in the wild and his conservation objective. In recent years, he has applied his creative vision to film projects.

Awards he has received include: Environmental Photographer of the Year, Conservation Photographer of the Year, and the Ansel Adams Award. Schulz lives with his wife, Emil, and sons, Nanuk and Silvan, in southern Germany.


Emil Herrera-Schulz

Emil Bio Photo

Emil Herrera-Schulz concentrates her music, film and photography interests to help produce high-end multimedia presentations. Her passion is promoting important conservation efforts through visual storytelling.

Together with Florian, Emil has embarked on many expeditions to remote locations across North America. Even though she grew up in Mexico City, one of the biggest cities in the world, she has a unique sensibility for wild creatures, keen observation skills and a quite casual and unafraid approach to immersing herself in the wild. She can be a social butterfly in the city and sit silently for hours in a blind to wait for wildlife.

Leading a quite international lifestyle, Emil is fluent in English, German and Spanish. A true multi-tasker-do-it-all, she assists in the field, edits in the office, attends conferences and produces sound and HD video.

Dedicating time to bring the Freedom to Roam forward, she enjoys finding new ways to educate the public on the topic of wildlife corridors. Through video, images, natural sound and music she helps synthesize compelling multimedia pieces that encourage people to take action to protect the wildest and most fascinating environments in North America.