The Californias


Along the California coast, a delicate web of life connects animals as great as the blue whale, the largest creature that has ever existed on earth, with the tiniest desert flowers. It is evident not only by the countless migratory birds, but also through coastal lagoons where thousands of grey whales arrive to give birth to their calves before setting off on their long journey to the north.  

To bring this web of life into focus, Florian Schulz and company are creating a feature-length documentary film and multi-episode television series. Filmed in 4K+ cinema resolution, the production will feature the most exciting species, most stunning land- and seascapes and the most exhilarating wildlife events.

Braided River is currently seeking partners interested in supporting the film production. To learn more, please contact 


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On January 25, 2015, President Obama announced his plans to ask Congress to designate the Coastal Plain and other core areas of the refuge as wilderness. 


David Allen Sibley ON The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge

The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge coastal plain is the biological heart of the refuge, supporting millions of migratory birds and hundreds of thousands of caribou, as well as wolves, grizzly bears, musk oxen, and polar bears. Yet this unparalleled 1.5-million-acre habitat has not yet received permanent protection, leaving it vulnerable to harmful oil and gas development. Well-known author, artist, and bird-watcher David Sibley explores why this incredible landscape needs your help in order to gain the complete protection it deserves.


Photographing Polar Bears for National Geographic

Florian has spent months at a time in the Arctic, gathering footage and images that would eventually become To The Arctic - the companion book to the IMAX film of the same name. "I wanted to portray the ecosystem in the different seasons," he noted, "and, of course, the magnificent fauna - especially the powerful great white bear."

This video, created for National Geographic, gives a glimpse into Florian's expeditions in the far north and how he captured the cover shot for his book To The Arctic.