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Explore The Wild Edge with Florian Schulz

  • Benaroya Hall 200 University Street Seattle, WA, 98101 United States (map)

“For me photography is a passion that goes far beyond the technical aspects of a camera. It is about experiencing the natural world. The camera is the best excuse to get out there and be in tune with nature.”—Florian Schulz

“Photographer Florian Schulz has worked many years to tell the Arctic story, to bring it to audiences who will never visit the Arctic, yet should understand its beauty and relevance. Florian's camera artistry has taken Arctic imagery to a new height, and I believe he's currently the most imaginative wildlife photographer around."—Greg MacGillivray, MacGillivray Freeman Films

“Florian Schulz’s breathtaking and intimate photography of the Arctic shows us why this great and seemingly infinite land running away to the north remains one of our last true wild places.”—Wade Davis, National Geographic Society Explorer-in-Residence

“From expansive aerials of the rich reds and golds of the summer tundra and stark landscapes of ice, underwater glimpses of beluga whale pods and baby seals, to up-close and intimately personal portraits of a mother polar bear and her young cubs—Schulz’s range of imagery, accompanied by his personal fieldwork stories, explores the remarkable diversity and drama of life in the Arctic.” —James Mills, The Joy Trip Project

Come along as acclaimed conservation photographer Florian Schulz takes you on an epic journey from Baja California to America's Arctic. He has followed the migrations of whales, manta rays, sea birds, spirit bears, salmon and more, and has incredible near-death, and full-of-life stories to recount. Schulz demonstrates how the remarkable ecosystem along North America's west coast is connected from the depths of the ocean to the tops of ancient trees.