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Florian Schulz presents The Wild Edge - Bookshop Santa Cruz

  • Bookshop Santa Cruz 1520 Pacific Ave Santa Cruz, CA 95060 (map)

The Wild Edge: Freedom to Roam the Pacific Coast reveals the great Pacific seam of North America that knits together land and sea, ocean and continent in a tumble of interrelated life. From the Baja peninsula through the coves and breaks of California and the bays and inlets of the Pacific Northwest, to the deep forests of British Columbia and the icy realm of polar bears in the Beaufort Sea of Alaska, the west coast of North America provides a life-sustaining corridor of great energy. Here, life and landscape are interconnected in complex and intriguing ways.

"Following the seasonal path of the gray whale, this book explores the stretch of the Pacific Ocean from Mexico to the Arctic. It illustrates what needs to be protected and cherished in this environment, and the means we each have of making a difference ourselves. From spirit bears to citizen science, The Wild Edge is a wealth of information and gorgeous photography. A new favorite on my bookshelf!" —Rachel, Bookshop Santa Cruz Staff