The great forested central section of this coast — call it Cascadia, Ecotopia,
the Pacific Northwest — is a land of big fish as well as big trees.
— Eric Scigliano

Iconic Haystack Rock silhouetted against the sunset, Cannon Beach, Oregon

I still recall the flash of wonder soon after I arrived in Washington State thirty-five years ago, when I saw for the first time the outsized, outlandishly red hunchbacked migrating spawning salmon.
— Eric Scigliano

Kermode Bear, Great Bear Rain forest, British Columbia, Canada

Research has shown that Kermode bears such as this one are much more efficient than dark-coated bears at catching salmon because their coloring makes it harder for the fish to sea them.

BC09-01579 FP114.jpg

Steller and California Sea lions lounge on the rocks in the Broken Islands of Pacific Rim National Park, Vancouver Island, BC

Wolf, Great Bear Rainforest, British Columbia, Canada

On a small, calm beach, we push up the dingy and head out to explore. A few feet from the boat, we see fresh wolf prints in the sand. The receding tide lets us know that the wolves must have left those tracks less than an hour ago.
— Florian Schulz